The Galileo Gambit
A Vatican Secret Archives Thriller

Father Michael Dominic has been asked to bring the historical documents from Galileo’s 1632 trial for Heresy to a historical re-enactment at Loyola Law School in Chicago. As the pope’s health is deteriorating, factions are forming within the Curia in anticipation of who might succeed him. Potential replacements are positioning themselves to take advantage of events are they transpire. The prosecution of Galileo is being conducted by the current Deputy Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the modern name for the Holy Inquisition, who wants to win the trial despite Galileo being exonerated by the Catholic Church in 1992. Galileo is being defended by a Loyola professor with his own agenda. When the historic documents are stolen the night before the trial, Michael and his team must follow numerous leads, splitting up and testing their determination and their loyalty. Alliances shift, secrets are revealed, and help comes from unexpected places. Its action and intrigue as Michael and his team try to unravel the Galileo Gambit. 

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