About Ron Moore

Ron Moore brings a lifetime of diverse interests to his writing. Ron completed an undergraduate degree in Biology from University of California Riverside, and subsequently obtained a Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law (Valedictorian, Law Review), a master’s degree in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida, and an AA in Culinary Arts from Saddleback College.

In his retirement, and apart from writing, he is pursuing AA degrees in Astronomy, Philosophy, Photography, Health Sciences, and perhaps others just for fun. Ron spent over 18 years working in forensics and CSI, then practiced law for 8 years before returning to forensics as a private toxicology consultant. He was a reserve deputy sheriff for over 14 years, assigned to the Search and Rescue unit. He was also a Sergeant of the Bloodhound Team and handled a cadaver detection canine, as well as participating in bicycle patrol, rope rescue, and command post operations.

Ron holds a black belt in Judo, a brown belt in Aikido, and a General class amateur radio license. For four years he was an Emergency Medical Technician. He also obtained a Catholic Lay Ecclesial Minister certificate.

Ron lives in Southern California with his wife, a cat, a German Shepard, and probably their latest foster dog. Their daughter is away at college (after being homeschooled from K-12). In his spare time, Ron enjoys cycling, kayaking, hiking, camping, golf and ukulele. He watches a lot of movies and reads a lot of thrillers, and is also an Apple fan boy.

About Gary McAvoy

A native Californian transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, Gary McAvoy began writing early in life, first for a small-town newspaper and regional Southern California magazines, then in corporate communications for his own businesses and client projects, and on to published nonfiction books. Nurturing a lifelong passion of collecting handwritten history, in 1997 Gary founded VintageMemorabilia.com, an online gallery of authentic signed letters, documents, manuscripts, books, photographs, and other memorabilia of historical or cultural significance. Those who share this passion know that few things compare to holding history in one’s hands—a letter penned by Abraham Lincoln, for example, or one by Truman Capote discussing work on his book “In Cold Blood.”

It was this last acquisition, in fact, that sparked the adventures leading up to Gary’s book, “And Every Word Is True,” a fresh look at the investigation of the infamous 1959 Clutter family murders, heinous crimes chillingly portrayed in Capote’s landmark nonfiction novel.

His current series “The Magdalene Chronicles,” features smart thrillers set in the Vatican Secret Archives. His bestselling debut thriller was “The Magdalene Deception,” followed by another bestseller, “The Magdalene Reliquary,” and the final book in the series, “The Magdalene Veil.” Gary has long been fascinated with the Vatican and its legendary Secret Archives, and his book are filled with historical facts and locations woven throughout gripping storylines.

From 1999 to 2005 Gary worked closely with primatologist and animal ethicist Dr. Jane Goodall, serving as Seattle Base Camp Chair for the Jane Goodall Institute, managing Northwest fundraising efforts in support of the Institute’s global initiatives. In 2003 Gary convinced Jane she should speak to global food issues, and in 2005 they co-authored “Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating” (Warner Books) with Gail Hudson.